DiCaprio received a fifth award for “Survivors”

Ди Каприо получил пятую кинонаграду за «Выжившего»

This time the actor said at the MTV Movie Awards 2016, which took place in the U.S. last Saturday, April 9.

Fans of Leonardo Di Caprio again rejoice! Their idol was again the best actor of the year, this time by the MTV.

Previously, we recall, Leo was presented the award at the U.S. screen actors Guild, BAFTA, the “Golden globe” and “Oscar”. It seems that this year the actor and the chief conservationist of the Hollywood lucky as ever!

Best actress, according to MTV, named Charlize Theron for her role in the film “Mad Max: fury Road”.

The main triumpher of the award was the blockbuster “Star wars: the force Awakening”, the creators of which walked away with three awards: Director award with “Best picture of the year” and two actors – Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver – the award “Breakthrough of the year” and “Best villain”.

Picture of “pitch Perfect 2” has won two awards: “Best acting ensemble” and “Best kiss” with rebel Wilson and Adam Devine.

Also, the heroes of the event were actors will Smith and Melissa McCarthy. They got the honorary award “Prize generation” and “Genius of Comedy”.

The list of winners MTV Movie Awards 2016

Film of the year – “Star wars: the force Awakening”.

Best actress – Charlize Theron, “Mad Max: fury Road”.

Best actor – Leonardo DiCaprio, “the Survivors”.

Breakthrough of the year – Daisy Ridley’s “Star wars: the force Awakening”.

Best Comedy actor – Ryan Reynolds “Deadpool”.

Best actor in zharne action – Chris Pratt, “Jurassic World”.

Best hero – Jennifer Lawrence, “the Hunger games: mockingjay. Part 2”.

Best villain – “Star wars: the force Awakening”.

Best virtual character – Amy Poehler, “Puzzle”.

Best movie based on real events – “the Voice of the streets”.

Best documentary – “Amy”.

Best acting ensemble – “the Perfect voice 2”.

Best kiss – rebel Wilson and Adam devine, “pitch Perfect 2″is.

Best fight – Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) vs. Ajax (ed Skrein), “Deadpool”.

Award “Recognition generation” – will Smith.

Award “Genius of Comedy” – Melissa McCarthy.

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