Ди Каприо мог не стать кинозвездой!
Leo was threatened with the fate of ordinary serial actor.

Ди Каприо мог не стать кинозвездой!

Leonardo DiCaprio

Team Baywatch

The other day
the creators of the series “Baywatch” made a sensational statement. As
they have been tried on one of the minor roles in its creation are still quite
young DiCaprio, but his candidacy was rejected! But if they took Ian to his series,
which stood for 11 seasons until 2001, and the related
contract DiCaprio could not withdrawal would be in the movies, thanks to which his talent
noticed. After all, both drama — “What’s eating Gilbert Grape” and “this boy’s Life”,
young Leo made a rising star, was filmed in 1993. And without them
producers are unlikely to have thought to pay attention to Leo, as
candidate for the lead role in “Titanic” in 1997…

This was told
in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, timed to the release of the film version of old TV series about the Baywatch producer Michael
Burke. DiCaprio auditioned for the role of Mitch, the son of the character played by David
Hasselhoff. Leo was then only 15 years old and he was not impressed producer
strong enough impression. In the end this role was passed to Brendan
The call, which was later replaced by another actor Jeremy Jackson. Curious
that neither the one nor the other and failed to subsequently break into the ranks
real stars…

I wonder
because of the “Rescuers” could very otherwise be the fate of another Hollywood
celebrity. We are talking about Pamela Anderson, which of her role in the series, just
on the contrary, benefited, turning it into a star. And greater Pamela,
never had ambitions serious actress and did not think. But in the meantime, the creators of “the Rescuers” seriously
thinking about her dismissal. As told to Burke, he was going to get rid of
Pamela after she was married to rocker Tommy Lee. Around her constantly
began to unfold the scandals — like the home video of the actress, depicting
her bedroom games with my husband, which allegedly accidentally leaked to the Internet. And the creators
the series, which is considered a minor
spectators are an important part of his audience, wanted to remove from his TV show compromise
it actress. However, on reflection, they changed their minds. After all, every
new scandal Pamela ratings of the series grew and grew…

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