DiCaprio meets up with the two mistresses take turns

Ди Каприо встречается с двумя любовницами по очереди
The actor has decided not to bother choice.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Toni ADJ

DiCaprio completely confused fans
who can not understand who has become the new darling Leonardo DiCaprio. After all
still only in may this year, after parting with former lover – Nina Agdal
he started Dating a striking 23-year-old model Lorena RAE. Them repeatedly
seen dining together in restaurants and partying in Nightclubs. Besides, Leo often takes her with
a Cycling. And recently they were seen together in the boutique, where he
bought her gifts.

But barely leaving a shop and parting with Lorena
served somewhere on business, Leo met with another beauty. With her, he had supper
in the restaurant, North End Grill, and then how it was possible to trace the paparazzi drove her to his apartment
she left only this morning.

Reporters easily identified in
the above beauty 25 letou Tony ADJ,
which Leo was in the past quite a serious affair. Recall: the love story
DiCaprio with ADJ lasted about one and a half years — may 2013 to
Dec 2014. But this year Leo was first noticed with a couple of ADJ
weeks ago. Then guests of the charity event Gala Unitas Against
Human Trafficking, held in new York, could not pay attention to
Leo was openly flirting with Tony. Moreover, the event they left
at the same time and left together in an unknown direction. After that, the couple not
times appeared in other entertainment establishments, including night club New
York 10ak…