Ди Каприо встречается с дочкой подружки Аль Пачино
The actor failed to elude the vigilant paparazzi.

Ди Каприо встречается с дочкой подружки Аль Пачино

Leonardo DiCaprio


Camille Moron

Photo: Instagram.com

That DiCaprio had another girlfriend-model — Camille Moron — it became known a few
weeks ago. About Camille little was known too much: what she is
begins, but is considered to be a promising model. It was also reported that the girl
born in Argentina, she’s a year older than the youngest representative
“harem Leo” — Juliette Perkins. But now it turned out another interesting
biographical detail: it turned out that Camille is the daughter of the notorious
Lucila Sola, the perennial girlfriend of al Pacino!

With Camilla paparazzi managed to catch a 42-year-old DiCaprio the other day. They came
to celebrate the New Year in the city of aspen (Colorado), known for its
excellent slopes for skiing. And here every winter going
a lot of celebrities, so there is always present a whole team of reporters. And
as Leo had not been masked, not hiding first under pulled low over eyes
a baseball cap, then under the mask, Balaclava, almost completely concealing his face
he was still recognized. How did you manage to trace the paparazzi, they not only
riding along on skis, but also had fun when the sun went down at the party with
friends, among whom was one of the closest friends of the actor — Tobey Maguire,
at the hotel.

However, the fact Leo at the moment spending time with
Camille, in fact, means nothing. The last time he changes girlfriends
every month. If in August he was there with Lorena
Paradise, which is on bicycles, then in September he got a new girlfriend.
However, more precisely, be called old — because
25-year-old Tony Grand the actor has already met before. And in October it first
saw with the most
young of his lovers — Juliette Perkins who was just 19 years old. In
November, DiCaprio moved on to 22-year-old Sarah Snyder. Although, of course, be
“graph” did not prevent Leo from time to time, to return to one of the already received
“resignation” pass.