DiCaprio may go to jail for stealing money

Ди Каприо может попасть за решетку за хищение денег

Actor accused of major financial fraud and embezzlement of three billion dollars.

As you know, Leo fierce fighter for the environment. No wonder that actor, UN Ambassador on climate change! DiCaprio has repeatedly donated large sums to the rescue of endangered animal species for the benefit of the environment, and now he is asked to voluntarily leave the UN because suspected of fraud.

The scandal became public in the summer, then rumors that the celebrity involved in the theft of billions from the state Fund of Malaysia. Then the case is settled, but the other day held a press conference where the head of the Fund named Bruno Manser Lucas, Straumann issued an ultimatum: Leo has two options – he either explains in detail the whole situation with the case of fraud, or leaving the post of Ambassador to the UN, because the protection of the environment and corruption are incompatible.

DiCaprio himself at the conference were not present, and, according to Straumann, actor of all time goes to answer, when the conversation comes to its financial ties with the kidnappers of the Fund 1MDB. Rumors that he was pocketing the money, spent it on the film “the Wolf of wall street”, where he played a major role and acted as producer.

It is known that the FBI had already questioned DiCaprio in this case, however, why colleagues of the actor at the UN began to demand his resignation, is unclear.

Is Leo appeared more weighty accusation, or his fault at all has been proved?

Foreign journalists suggest that if DiCaprio really involved in the theft, the members of the UN will require him to prison because the corrupt in their ranks is a disgrace and a scandal, from which not so easy to wash.

Fans of the actor in this story assignment by money hard to believe. After all, Leo is a very rich man, and how many times he donated large sums to the needs of the environment. A Prince simply cannot be a con man. Very much that it was a mistake.