Ди Каприо попал в аварию в компании модели

Oscar-winning actor was involved in an accident and behaved like a gentleman.

No wonder about nobility and manners Leo goes so much talk. Especially when talking about women. He’s never said anything bad about his former (and there was a hoo!), and, in principle, always gallant with the fair sex. Even when the girl flies into his car at full speed.

It happened with the actor over the weekend on one of the streets in new York. Leo was moving on his Range Rover SUV on Montauk Highway, and then on to the oncoming lane flew the Mini Cooper and speed crashed into a car star.

According to eyewitnesses, Leonardo DiCaprio reacted with lightning speed. Leo immediately ran to rammed his car at which wheel there was a girl found out if she was okay, helped out, and then called to the scene the police and ambulance.

Auto culprits badly deformed, SUV escaped with only scratches, and the actor was not injured, and his companion.

I forgot to say: in the car, DiCaprio had his new girlfriend – 24-year-old model Nina Adgal. I bet she went crazy with pride when watching my brave boy, helping the culprit of the accident.

What would most men? Would get pissed at the blond driver. But Leo for blondes weakness, however, as to all women. He just can’t swear.

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