Ди Каприо и Де Ниро впервые снимутся вместе в фильме Cкорсезе
Both actors are unable to deny the great Director.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro


Admirers of Leo DiCaprio and Robert
De Niro intrigued: according to the recent information, both the famous actor
close to signing a contract for a role in a new film. This movie will be
put on the bestseller of David between gränna “Killer
flower of the moon: the assassination of osaga and the birth of the FBI.” The Director of this movie
will certainly become no one else but himself
Martin Scorsese! This was reported by the website deadline.com.

Interestingly, although both actors are considered
“Pets” Scorsese, and each of them worked with him many times together in one movie
they filmed it before never(unless you count the commercial for the 15-minute shorts). So, Leo played with Scorsese in “the Island
the damned”, “the Wolf of wall Street” and “the Aviator”, De Niro – “Evil streets”, “Casino”, “Goodfellas”…
although neither DiCaprio or De Niro can’t complain about the lack
proposals to resist the temptation to work with his favorite Director they

The plot of the film deals with real events,
developed in 20-e years of the last century.
Happened more than two dozen mysterious murders to reveal that
was “not tough” police and the case was referred to the FBI where also not
immediately able to uncover a criminal conspiracy. It all started with the fact that on earth
Indian tribe of Osage were found
huge reserves of oil. All members of the tribe suddenly became fabulously
rich. But they were happy in vain the Indians began to die one after another under
extremely mysterious circumstances…