Диана фон Фюрстенберг покоряет вулкан, на Демну Гвасалию подают в суд за сумку: что еще обсуждали в моде на этой неделе

The past week has pleased us with new advertising campaigns and the covers of fashion magazines. Daughter of Hollywood actor Ewan McGregor walked along the shore of the ocean with bags from Fendi, Selena Gomez has developed a capsule collection for Coach, and brad pitt was the only man on the cover of a jubilee issue of Love Magazine. What else is going on in the fashion industry — read our digest.

1.You can fly into space: a collaboration of NASA and Heron Preston

If you wanted to be an astronaut, but it did not work, you can at least dress like a conqueror of space. Hoodies and t-shirts with the logo of NASA has long been popular. Now, those who sleeps and sees itself in earth orbit, and even in another galaxy, can significantly add to your wardrobe. On sale collection created by the designer Heron Preston in conjunction with the space Agency. The line, which including includes jacket resembling a suit, sweat pants, hoodies and baseball caps, timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of NASA.

Plans to establish this collection a favorite of all fans of street style bore from 2013, and now his dream came true. The style of the 90s returning into Vogue, was reflected and in this space of collaboration. Preston added at all the things the old NASA logo, which was last used in 1992, as well as print Fall/Winter 1990. In addition, the things printed statement by President Eisenhower in 1958, which describes the purpose of NASA as an organization. All items from the collection already available for purchase. For example, a jacket with metallic lining will have to pay a little more than a hundred thousand rubles, and for the cap a little more than seven. Well, expect to be served now in Vogue Elon Musk.

Диана фон Фюрстенберг покоряет вулкан, на Демну Гвасалию подают в суд за сумку: что еще обсуждали в моде на этой неделе Nasa x Heron Preston

2.Damn what’s inspired gift shop in new York, threatening him with the court

If the creative Director of Balenciaga goes to karaoke, you must sing there hit Britney Spears Oops, I Did it Again! Because this week Demo Gvasalia once caught in plagiarism. At this time, the designer “stole” the new York souvenir City Merchandise Inc., which have already applied for the Spanish fashion House to court. The reason for the contention was the bag and purse. Balenciaga presented its options on the show cruise collection in 2018, and goods from City Merchandise Inc. has long been possible to buy at the airport in new York. Not to notice the similarities in the images and colours really difficult. But the price of the two things differ significantly: a bag from Balenciaga is 1 of 950 dollars, and a souvenir from the Big Apple will cost of 19.99 dollars.

3.Museum of American folk art award RAF Simons for

Belgian RAF Simons took over as creative Director of Calvin Klein in the year 2016, and for a couple of years, it seems, fully imbued with American culture and lifestyle. Especially the designer is fond of traditional quilts — they also appeared in collections and in the advertising campaign with the Kardashian sisters and even cozy chairs, which Simons has created for the fair Design Miami/Basel.

Now the American folk art Museum decided to celebrate the efforts of the designer award. The award ceremony will be held next October at the traditional gala evening of the Museum.

Диана фон Фюрстенберг покоряет вулкан, на Демну Гвасалию подают в суд за сумку: что еще обсуждали в моде на этой неделе RAF Simons

4. Start-up launches shoes made of plastic bottles

The trend on the careful use of resources is gaining Vogue is not the first season. Designers abandon the real fur, the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle give vegan bags a birthday, and a U.S. startup Vivobarefoots engaged in processing of plastic materials, from which then produces an orthopedic Shoe. As reported on the website of the company, for the manufacture of a single pair of shoes is about 17 plastic bottles. For footwear Vivobarefoots also uses recycled algae. Each pair costs $ 90-190.

5. Diane von Fustenberg conquered the volcano

After work for anything and want to lie on the couch? Take the example of a 71-year-old Diane von Furstenberg! The famous designer has conquered the Stromboli volcano, located on a small island in the Tyrrhenian sea North of Sicily. The height of the mountain may not seem so impressive — a total of 924 meters above sea level, but climbing still thrills to tourists, because it is an active volcano! Former Princess and founder of fashion brand shared with subscribers a series of photos from a hike.

6. USA will face first major Dior show — tickets for a screening are already sold out

A massive exhibition opens at the Denver art Museum on November 19. As the name implies — Dior: From Paris to the World — a retrospective is the most extensive collection of the creations of the fashion house and will tell about all stages of brand development. See you and the dress that Elizabeth Taylor received her first Oscar, and photos of a young Yves Saint Laurent.

For the first time the exhibition was announced last year, when Dior celebrated the 70th anniversary, and the anxious waiting of fans seem to have already reached the limit. The Museum also sold exclusive tickets to the exhibition preview, which will be held on the eve of the official opening. Despite the rather high price of $ 250, they were all quickly sold. Regular tickets will go on sale on 1 October, and with their purchase, to those who are going to Denver, most likely, too do not delay.

Диана фон Фюрстенберг покоряет вулкан, на Демну Гвасалию подают в суд за сумку: что еще обсуждали в моде на этой неделе Dior models in Soviet Union, 1959

7. H&M and Love Stories released collaborative collection

Brand Love Stories pretty young — Dutch Marlos Hedeman created it in 2013, but is already popular. The combination of sporty style and inscriptions with the sexy lace and prints is a hallmark style Love Stories. It also built a collaboration with the Swedish retailer: it has stars and frills, and “predatory” colors. The collection includes comfortable soft bras, briefs with wide elastic band and the inscription Love, blindfold for sleeping, pajamas and bathrobes. To order any model already on the site. Prices, as always, democratic: from 699 to 3 499 rubles.

Диана фон Фюрстенберг покоряет вулкан, на Демну Гвасалию подают в суд за сумку: что еще обсуждали в моде на этой неделе