Диана Крюгер рассталась с бойфрендом Джошуа Джексоном
Joshua could not forgive infidelity beloved with “the walking dead”.

Диана Крюгер рассталась с бойфрендом Джошуа Джексоном

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson

Photo: Splash News/East news

became known, the actors Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson decided to complete
his novel, which lasted for 10 years. Until recently, Diana and
Joshua seemed so stable couple that everyone thought their civil
spouses and waited, and when they finally formalize their relationship. However, instead of
in order to get married, Kruger and Jackson broke up.

According to
the official explanation, the relationship failed for “geographical
reason.” The fact that Diana and Joshua were a few houses in different countries of the world, and they lived in
France, the Netherlands, in America. Diana, who was famous for playing Helen in “Troy,” considered it his home
Paris and spent a lot of time. But after Jackson got a role in a play on Broadway, they had to move to a permanent
residence in new York. Was very excited Joshua, but Diana says that couldn’t fit in. Finally, the couple decided that it makes sense
everyone to go on her own path.

However gossips say that the real reason for the separation of the pair lies in a very
other. In the beginning of the year
went persistent rumors that Diana, recently celebrated its 40th anniversary, allegedly struck up a romance on set
the movie “Heaven” with actor Norman
Reedus, star of the TV series “the Walking dead”. This, in particular, reported the New York Daily News. Although Kruger
persistently denied the fact of betrayal, Joshua, as argued by friends of the couple, not
believe her explanation. A few months later he tried to come to terms with what had happened,
but, in the end, I came to the conclusion that to forgive Diana her act he is not
can and it is better to end the relationship…

Diane Kruger and Noramn Reedus in the movie “Heaven!

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