Диана Крюгер и Норман Ридус снова замечены вместе

Hollywood actress Diane Kruger came out with the star of “the Walking dead” Norman Reedus, thus confirming rumors about their romance circulating since December of last year. 40-year-old actress not long ago broke up with her previous boyfriend Joshua Jackson, with whom she lived in a civil marriage for about ten years.

Edition Page Six reports that last week, Diana was noticed coming from Porsche Reedus in new York, obviously, love has no reason to hide the obvious.
In August, answering questions edition of Star magazine, Diane swore that she had nothing to do with Norman, but insiders claimed that since their meeting in 2015 and the filming of the drama “Heaven,” their interest in each other is not quenched. Then, picture of in Toronto, they have behaved very strange.
“After all her oaths and protestations to the contrary, the Roman Diana Norman became Joshua across the face. It was all so obvious,” — said a friend of Jackson. Well, can not be forced, and everyone now your way.