Диана Крюгер и Джошуа Джексон снова вместе

A month after the announcement of the break, Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger again spend time together.

About your decision to stay friends Diane Kruger (Diane Kruger) and Joshua Jackson (Joshua Jackson) , said in mid-July. Now actors are very often seen together: they walked across Los Angeles, and later Jackson was escorted Kruger airport.

Insiders claim that it is not necessary to speak with confidence about the reunion. “They said they want to stay friends, and they get it”, — the source told People magazine.

Before parting Kruger and Jackson for 10 years. In early August, in an interview the actress said that her romantic relationship with anyone right now not connect, but it does not deny the possibility to start a new novel. “If you have suitable candidates, please let me know, okay?”, — joked Diane Kruger with journalists.

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