Diana’s parents Shurygino met with the family of her rapist

Родители Дианы Шурыгиной встретились с семьей ее насильника Andrey Malakhov in “Let them talk” continues to investigate the scandalous case. Diana Shurygina accused Sergey Semenov of rape. The young person pleads not guilty and believes has not committed anything against the will of the girl.

      Родители Дианы Шурыгиной встретились с семьей ее насильника

      Since late January, the public is discussing the sensational case of rape of 16-year-old Diana Shurygina. According to her, the party in a country mansion ended her sexual abuse by two boys, however, prison sentence received only Sergey Semenov. The young person pleads not guilty and says that Diana herself had taken the initiative in intimate relationships. The rapist Diana Shurygina turned to her

      Today in the Studio program “Let them talk” Andrei Malakhov, together with experts and guests in the Studio continued to deal in the sensational case.

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      In the Studio there was a mother sentenced to three years of Sergey Semenova Olga. She said that the last time I saw my son in late January. The woman reported that she was also threatened as the family Shurygina.

      The young man admits that he had been the victim of extortion by the girl’s father.

      Родители Дианы Шурыгиной встретились с семьей ее насильника“After two months wrote me a statement for the purpose of benefits. The father began to ask a million rubles, said: “I to you in the village will come, said that there is a proposal,” admitted Sergei.

      The young man said that Diana’s father explained where the money he will get – half of the amount will go towards the treatment of a nervous breakdown, and part of the money – in a psychiatric hospital to admit the daughter is insane and to take a statement.

      The experts noticed that after a couple of months after Diana complained about the rape, she took provocative videos where it was quite loose. Guests in the Studio trying to find out why the parents did not militate against such conduct of the minor child.

      Between relatives of the young people had a quarrel. 17-year-old Diana made a comment that the mom says is complete nonsense. The girl’s father Alexey Shurygin has also appeared on “Let them talk”.

      “The fact of the rape is proven in two courts, checked and. The lie detector suggested that the investigator go. All her words are confirmed by all the examinations,” said the girl’s father.
      Родители Дианы Шурыгиной встретились с семьей ее насильника

      Guests in the Studio noticed that Diana is behaving too provocative for a teenager wears short skirts, high heels and strongly demonstrates their sexuality. They predpologala that she could attract the attention of Semenov.

      Sergey considers his opinion a life lesson.

      “More gained than lost. When I removed five, I realized that I have friends, good family – sister, mom, dad, there’s justice, there are no hopeless situations. Be very careful, alcohol and parties do not always end well. Watch your behavior and be sober in all things,” – said Semyonov.
      Родители Дианы Шурыгиной встретились с семьей ее насильника

      Sister Catherine inmate accused that she started baiting Shurygina. However the girl are unable to explain their position, as the family of the victim began to argue with her and to kill.

      Catherine said that a relative Shurygina – a former Colonel of criminal investigation, so they feel confident. However, Alex, Natalia and Diana laughed at this and did not comment on the tacos a statement.

      Родители Дианы Шурыгиной встретились с семьей ее насильника

      The experts had questions about why the second rapist Diana accused in court, but Natalia said that I must keep the secrecy of the investigation. However, the dad of the girl said that the lawyer of the young man offered him 200 thousand rubles for the fact that Diana changed her story. However, the family did not go on the offense and then the young man made a witness and not accused. Parents did not insist on the prosecution of the second guy.

      Andrey Malakhov recalled that last program Natalia told about the first beloved of Diana Vlad. As it turned out, he was sentenced to a year of probation for the fact that he lived with a minor girl. A young man ashamed to show his face, so I sent in the letter program. According to him, Diana had told him in correspondence in the social network of his men, and intimate connection with it. The guy said that he fabricated a case and was accused of having sex with a minor.

      After allegations of experts Diana was literally pounce on those who criticizes her, and tried to leave the Studio in hysterics. She began to curse and to wish everyone the same fate as her.

      Guests in the Studio called family Shurygina and semenovykh to calm their supporters and call on them to stop bullying each other.