Diana’s mother Shurygino commented on the rumors about prostitution daughter

Мать Дианы Шурыгиной прокомментировала слухи о проституции дочери Natalia stood up for the child in the program “really”. In the Studio show experts and guests discussed the details of the past Diana Shurygina, and persuaded Alexander Rohlin to apologize to the girl.
Мать Дианы Шурыгиной прокомментировала слухи о проституции дочери

In the second issue of “In fact” Diana Shurygina continued to discuss controversial issues with Rublenym. He was the second guy who also wanted to join with Diana in intimacy during that fateful party.

Husband of Diana Shurygina beat perespevshie with her boyfriend

Diana Shurygina believes that Alexander much exaggerated. This time the heroes issue joined their mum, Nataliya Shurygina and Elena Uvarova. “During all this time, Diana is not tired to lie, to change her testimony. The more ruined so many lives. Ruined the lives and fortunes of us,” said cousin Sasha.

Diana Shurygina lost my temper and left the Studio after Elena Uvarova. She does not think her son Sasha guilty of a crime, but notes that he is to blame for the incident.

“He got into this company, into this house, took alcohol. Yes, it’s his fault,” said the boy’s mother.

Мать Дианы Шурыгиной прокомментировала слухи о проституции дочери

Blogger Oleg Hamov brought one illustrative situation, of what happened with Diana. According to him, he could not understand, in what situations Shurygina lying. One day she called him from a club where much overdone with alcohol. “We bloggers have found evidence that even with 14 years Diane has been working on “this” activity,” said louts.

Lawyer Ruhlin Larisa Mironova said Shurygina and her mother repeatedly appealed to law enforcement authorities after an alleged suicide attempt of Diana, after the alleged abduction. “She was spread against my client of defamation,” – said the lawyer.

“200 thousand rubles can be paid to the injured party as compensation for moral damage,” explained Mironov. The same amount of money the family of Shurygino not accepted. Later, on the eve of the confrontation, Diana’s father tried to demand more money.

Then the Studio came Diana’s mom Natalia. She denies that her daughter flirted with young people. When the experts began to question Shurygin about the compensation that their family could obtain from relatives of the boys, she said that no there was no money.

By the way, the story of Semenov and Rulenum is not the first treatment of Diana in law enforcement. According to Natalia Shurygina, the first boyfriend of her daughter Vlad received a suspended sentence for statutory rape.

“At trial, Diana said that everything was consensual,” added the relative.
Мать Дианы Шурыгиной прокомментировала слухи о проституции дочери

Natalia says that in adolescence she had to go with her daughter to a psychologist. According to Diana, her mother had to write a statement on Vlad, as was demanded by the party people. In that period of life the girl underwent surgery and fled the hospital to elect, after returning to a medical facility to interview her. The girl confessed that she had been intimate with Vlad.

During the broadcast Shurygina denies imposed on her accusations that she was engaged in prostitution. The girl replied: “No.” Her mother also held this point of view. The experts recognized that they are telling the truth.

Alexander continued to insist that he would not apologize personally before Diana.

Мать Дианы Шурыгиной прокомментировала слухи о проституции дочери

At the end of transmission there was a friend of Shurygino Catherine Lukianchikova. “I got to the event a reluctance to remember. I saw Sergei Semenov, he is very mistreated girl. Then it came to me, too, and called upstairs,” said Kate.

Expert polygraph examiner checked the girl’s and decided that the guy really was holding the girl’s hand and tried against her will to carry him off. This happened a few months before the rape of Diana.

In the final part of Alexander pleaded guilty that the wrong behaved in a scandalous situation.

“I apologize to their loved ones, I hope Diane understands that there are two sides of the same coin. And others who were present. I apologize and friends of Diana,” said Ruhlin and advised others not to repeat his mistakes.

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