Diana’s father Shurygino not in a hurry to repay debts

Отец Дианы Шурыгиной не торопится отдавать долги A man not used to pay for fines and credits. As established journalists, Alexey Shurygin has to say goodbye to the amount of 100 thousand rubles. However, dad is the infamous girl pulls timing.
Отец Дианы Шурыгиной не торопится отдавать долги

Recently it became known that the father of Diana Shurygina Alex owes about 100 thousand rubles. A man took a loan of 60 thousand in one of the banks in the last year, but in no hurry to return the money. Despite the fact that bailiffs can take the property as repayment of the loan until they discovered he had assets that represent some value.

As it was established journalists, this is not the first case when Shurigin refuses to pay its debts. Last year in Ulyanovsk he had to pay his fines and taxes on income. Still a large sum in the amount of 32 thousand rubles, the father of Diana Shurygina needs to return for a traffic violation. Truckers working in Ulyanovsk, he got behind the wheel drunk. The traffic police when witnesses asked him to pass the test on alcohol content in the body. The result was that the rate exceeds the norm twice. He was found guilty, deprived of the rights for a year and a half, and fined.

Отец Дианы Шурыгиной не торопится отдавать долги

After the story of the rape of his minor daughter, the whole family – wife, Diana and her younger sister moved from Ulyanovsk to Moscow. Shurygina became frequent guests of various reality shows on Federal channels. Rumor has it that during his appearance before the cameras, they take a lot of money, but constantly complain about the lack of funds. Diana has repeatedly said that the man who raped her Sergey Semenov literally ruined her life – after the dubious glory of all her native people are unable to get a job. However, the girl was able to get out of a difficult situation and married Andrew operator of Slanina. Now she lives in an apartment of her husband. Each Semenova: “Diana Shurygina 14 years working as a prostitution”

As stated by the publication Life, Diana’s father Shurygino can avoid the obligation to pay the debt if the plaintiff would insist on the return of the money, the bailiffs will be required every six months to check the financial ability of the lender. However, they have only three attempts in case of failure, Alexei will have to leave alone.

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