Diana Vishneva draws the attention of Roman Abramovich

Диана Вишнева привлекает внимание Романа Абрамовича The star dancer is a fan of the team Chelsea. Diana Vishneva called for the game of football club, sponsored by Roman Abramovich. Some have speculated that the sudden fascination with the artist of the Mariinsky theatre this sport is associated with the breakup of the oligarch and his wife.

Recently it became known that the famous oligarch Roman Abramovich broke up with his wife Dasha Zhukova. The woman told the news reporters. She stressed that I will try to do everything to ensure that the gap does not impact on their two children, son Aaron and daughter Leah. Ex-fiancee Abramovich also stated that they are Roman and will remain partners in the business.

However, after the news that now one of the richest businessmen in the world free, he began to ascribe Affairs with different girls. Among them was a star of the Mariinsky theatre ballerina Diana Vishneva. She came to London on tour with other performers to please the audience with the performance. In free from rehearsals time she went to the Wembley stadium where the game is played between football clubs “Chelsea” and “Arsenal”. Vishneva took the scarf and the hat in blue and white tones.

“The day of the game! Dancers and musicians of the Mariinsky theatre in the legendary Wembley stadium,” wrote Diana in the microblog and published a photo in which she and her friends went to cheer for Chelsea.

Fans were delighted that the famous ballerina shows interest in football. However, some have suggested that this is due to changes in the personal life of the football club owner Roman Abramovich. “And here is the answer to all the rumors”, “Good team selection”, “you look Great” – wrote the followers of the ballerina.

About a possible affair of Cherry and Abramovich was said three years ago. However, no evidence to support these conjectures, is not given. It was known only that the novel attended events in which she participated.

Diana herself is married to his producer Konstantin Silinevica. With him her long relationship, and in 2013 the lovers got married in Hawaii.

After the statement about the separation of Abramovich and Zhukova man began to ascribe Affairs with various women. Among them were the founder of intelligent society “Club 418” Hope Obolentseva. According to some reports, Roman pays her friend Svetlana Bondarchuk lot of attention and spends time in her company.

The separation of the oligarch and the founder of the Garage were quick to comment and stars of the blogosphere. Lena Miro said that the gap of the pair was to be expected. She suggested that strong characters of both partners prevented them to find harmony next to each other. Bozena of Rynska admitted that even knows who now builds relationships Zhukov, but refused to reveal the secret. Divorce Zhukova and Abramovich: the reasons for the separation and fabulously compensation