Diana Shurygina was discharged from a psychiatric clinic

Диану Шурыгину выписали из психиатрической клиники Famous for the program “Let speak” the resident of Ulyanovsk sent home after treatment. 17-year-old Diana Shurygina filmed a video message where he told that her hospital stay is over.

Recently it became known that Diana Shurygina was forced to go to the doctors due to constant panic attacks. The girl for a few months was put in the hospital. Despite this, blogger didn’t stop to record a video with answers to the most frequently asked questions of followers.

So, in a new video pale and confused Diana reported the exact address of the hospital where she was in rehab, and delighted fans with the imminent departure home. For the record, the teenager spoke in detail about how she liked the clinic. Shurygina admitted that she received the maximum attention and provided excellent medical services.

“What can I say? Work at the hospital is just full of professionals, from chief doctors to the cleaners. All good, sincere, and you feel there very well. Each patient here choose a certain course of treatment that suits him. And it’s very cool. If you have depression or insomnia, then you here!” – said Diana.

Throughout the broadcast, she constantly focuses on the fact that he feels unwell, and also loses the idea of the narrative. In addition, the celebrity face read confusion and uncertainty in what she is saying. Despite this, according to Diana, she is about to finish rehab. “In General, soon I’m going home!” she said.

Recall that in a psychiatric hospital notorious ulianovykh fell on April 11. Then the girl complained of an unstable mental state. Subscribers stars on Instagram suggested that the reason for this was the hype around the story about the rape of Diana and the constant bullying of the enemies. The family of Diana Shurygina threatened with death

It is also worth noting that after the release “Let speak” with participation of Shurygina, the girl caught up to an enviable popularity. In the Network there are dozens of fan clubs dedicated to her, and a lot of fake web pages. However, some Internet users are of the opinion that Shurygina she hyped herself and her suffering from the unexpected glory – the next game.

Supporters of Diana, by contrast, believe that the teenager was trapped excessive attention society. However, the followers of ulanovski are trying to support it. During his stay at the hospital, she received flowers and other gifts from loyal fans. Account of a celebrity in Instagram, where during treatment blogger tried to share photos and tell how her case is full of encouraging comments and words of support to her.

“Hold On, Diana! Everything will be fine” “Di, you are super! Get well soon!”, “Don’t be afraid, get out of depression and continue to enjoy life. You’re so pretty”, “Diana! Rather vpisyvaya! They don’t deserve your depression” – written by the followers under the publications Shurygino.