Диану Шурыгину довели до слез на детекторе лжи The girl they suspected of insincerity after the releases “Let them talk”, became the heroine of the program “actually” with Dmitry Shepelev. Diana answered questions from the polygraph and shared his version of events that fateful night when she was raped.
Диану Шурыгину довели до слез на детекторе лжи

The heroine of the next release of the program “actually” became 18-year-old native of Ulyanovsk Diana Shurygina, which became known throughout the country after esters “Let them talk”. The girl claims that she was raped Sergey Semenov, who is serving a sentence in prison, but many viewers do not believe the history of the heroine of the talk show.

Dmitry Shepelev offered the girl again to recall the events of that fateful day. March 31, 2016 Diana went to a friend’s birthday of her friend. As it turned out, Shurygina assumed that it can be raped. At first, the heroine of this program denied this fact, but experts caught her in a lie.

Диану Шурыгину довели до слез на детекторе лжи“When we with Dasha (with a friend Shurygino Approx.) went out and walked about five meters to six, I said to Dasha: “And we have no one there to touch, not rape?” She said, “Damn it, Diana, I’m afraid. Ahaha, come on,” she said.
Диану Шурыгину довели до слез на детекторе лжи

At the party Shurygina, in his own words, drank about five or six glasses of alcohol “on the bottom”, but experts said that in fact the girl used a large dose of alcohol, she just didn’t remember.

“In that house was using drugs?” – asked the moderator, to which Diana replied in the affirmative. Shurygina said that he had not used banned substances, and have learned about their existence only during the investigation. The polygraph confirmed the truthfulness of her words.

The girl said that on that day behaved friendly to new acquaintances, but did not try to provoke guys to call for entry into an intimate relationship. Ranging, Diana confirmed that her behavior could be interpreted as a hint for sex. “Yes, it turns out,” she said. Dmitry Shepelev said that she got confused and asked for help to the examiner Roman Ustyuzhanin.

Диану Шурыгину довели до слез на детекторе лжи“That sounds sensational, but it’s a lie. In this case, Diana confess under pressure,” he said.
Диану Шурыгину довели до слез на детекторе лжи

Diana also shared that she had gastritis, but that did not stop her to drink alcohol. As a result, girls felt sick to the stomach, and beginning to go blind. “That is, you can’t drink? Well, you fool?” – asked the seven dwarfs to the heroine. She did not argue with him and said that was really very unwise.

When the girl, who was intoxicated, went in search of a friend, she was faced with Sergey Semenov. According to Diana, he pushed her into the room “with an average roughness” and closed the door on the hook. Continuing to remember the events of that day, the programís start noticeably nervous. “Where it is profitable, it remembers where it is unprofitable – no. Globally the lie does not see, in detail – a lot of lies,” said the examiner Sabina Pantus.

Then in the dialogue joined the sister of Sergey Semenova Ekaterina. She continues to insist on the innocence of his brother. A young woman believes that Diana is prepared to enter into an intimate relationship with her relative.

Диану Шурыгину довели до слез на детекторе лжи“According to him, when they walked into the room, she was very active. He said: “I have these girls never seen before”… there was one thing that confused me. She had removed the socks, they’re lying… Why would you do that?” – said Catherine.
Диану Шурыгину довели до слез на детекторе лжи

Sergei’s sister had prepared some questions for Shurygino. “Diana, you helped Sergey to open a means of contraception?” asked Semenov. However, the heroine of this program, said he did not remember many events of that evening. “I was in a coma and could have hit it accidentally with your hands or body part,” said Diana. The examiner said that she is not lying.

Diana’s parents Shurygino met with the family of her rapist

Ekaterina Semenova, conversely, continued to find minor inconsistencies in the story of another woman, to which she reacted very emotionally. Diana described the claims that were contrary to her version of events as “stupidity” and “heresy”.

The polygraph came to the conclusion that Catherine operates on the facts that she was asked Sergei.

Диану Шурыгину довели до слез на детекторе лжи“She doesn’t want to assess the validity. She saw something that told her brother, and she is enough. The behavior of Diana, which is peculiar to her, really could be interpreted as consent. I understand he was drunk, too, and say that he could adequately assess the behavior of the uninhibited girls… And she was drunk, and he,” said Pantus.

“He didn’t know she was 16,” continued Catherine. Diana said that did not hide this fact and told about it to Sergey and the other guys. In the end, the experts were able to figure out what Semenov did not ask Shurygino her age, and if he heard about it during a General acquaintance, is not known. “But she didn’t say,” – said the elevated platform.

At the end of the program Dmitry Shepelev asked Diana Shurygina whether she was raped Sergey Semenov. A native of Ulyanovsk are unable to contain my emotions and burst into tears, and then answered in the affirmative. The results of the check girl on a lie detector will publish in the next edition of “actually” which will show on the First channel on Monday, September 4.

Диану Шурыгину довели до слез на детекторе лжи