Diana Shurygina wanted to kill herself because of her husband’s infidelity

Диана Шурыгина хотела наложить на себя руки из-за измены мужа The girl told about the problems in the family. According to Diana Shurygina, she saw images of her husband embracing another. The star of the show was emotional, so contacted the editors of the program “really”.
Диана Шурыгина хотела наложить на себя руки из-за измены мужа

Diana Shurygina, who won notoriety in the program “Let them talk”, is now happily married with him Leninym. However, just before she called the program “really” and said that he suspects a spouse of infidelity. The broadcast showed pictures where a guy like Andrew goes hand in hand with a girl.

The young man called the shots aired, photomontage. “Recently, he became cold and stopped answering calls when I was at work,” Diane said.

Presenter Dmitry Shepelev admitted why it quickly started to remove the transmission.

“When we spoke with Diana yesterday, and she said not only that she is really excited. She was crying when he called us and said that he would do something myself if that is true,” said Shepelev.
Диана Шурыгина хотела наложить на себя руки из-за измены мужа

Andrew continued to say that he doesn’t have anyone on the side. Shepelev asked how it will feel, Diana, if that is true. “For me this is the most sick, is a betrayal. I told him all all trusted. I don’t know what we will do next, if it turns out to be true. I’m afraid of falling, afraid of a nervous breakdown,” said Diana.

It turned out that Andrew repeatedly regretted that he married Diana. “We are, of course, a quarrel in which I am not right. But then why get married? Let’s get a divorce,” said Diana.

The guest Studio became her mom, Natalia. She said that even before the wedding the couple had a conflict. Apparently, Shurygina mother did not like her husband.

“It is up to 30 years lived, did not need anyone, and you really needed one,” said the woman.

Natalia negatively disposed towards Andrew, so assumes that he’s cheating on her daughter. Moreover, earlier in Instagram Diana sent me pictures of her lover with other girls. The mother of Shurygino wish her daughter had divorced her husband.

Andrew himself says he does not want to leave the family. Later came to the Studio a friend of Diana Catherine lukyanchikova. She began to be indignant and stated that he saw the husband of Diana with another girl. Andrew said: it simply want to substitute. He also began to suspect Diane’s infidelity.

Диана Шурыгина хотела наложить на себя руки из-за измены мужа

To the question, is it true the girl husband, she replied in the affirmative. “It’s stupid, Andrew. I’m sitting at home,” said Diana.

Shurygina started to cry. Expert decided to check out the girl on the lie detector. She denied that her complimenting other men. According to Diana, its interaction with other men is not fun, and friendliness. However, as it turned out, Shurygina really true spouse.

“It will be very bad,” responded Diana’s alleged proof of her husband’s infidelity.

Andrew said he wasn’t cheating fiancee, and his response acknowledged correct.