Диана Шурыгина высмеяла Сергея Семенова The infamous inhabitant of the Ulyanovsk region, commented on the initiative of Pavel Pyatnitsky. Public figure decided to help Sergey Semenov and invited those wishing to provide financial assistance.
Диана Шурыгина высмеяла Сергея Семенова

Public figure Pavel Pyatnitsky, who took part in the filming of the TV show “Let them talk” and “Andrey Malakhov. Live”, visited Sergei Semenov, who was convicted of rape Diana Shurygina. After a young man prematurely released, he is wearing an electronic bracelet on his leg and put a limit on displacement. In fact, Semenov was locked in his home village of Novocheremshansk in the Ulyanovsk region. It is expected that the ban imposed on Sergey by law enforcement officials, will be removed from it after a year and a half.

Released Sergey Semenov’s locked in his home village

Pyatnitsky decided to support Semenov. While in Novocheremshansk, Paul walked him around the neighborhood and talked with the locals. According to public figure, many speak positively about Sergei.

“Talked with the teacher who taught and Sergei’s mother, and of Sergei, with the head of the municipality, with the residents and employees of different government agencies. Not a single bad word about the family semenovykh not heard. It would seem that still have idiots who throw insults in the address of Sergei. And I know they need a lawsuit and the statement of libel. And we’ll do it. Today officially represent the interests of Sergei,” wrote Pushkin in social networks.

Semenov was pleased with the meeting with a public figure. Sergey noted that Paul appeared to him to be a decent and intelligent man.

Диана Шурыгина высмеяла Сергея Семенова“Had a great time, have a heart. My family and I were once again convinced that Pavel Pyatnitsky very good and wise man who keeps his word whatever the circumstances. Paul gave me a lot of good advice. It remains only to say, “the Man said, man did!” Have a great trip, Paul! Thank you for everything”, a post appeared on Instagram, created in support of Semenova.
Диана Шурыгина высмеяла Сергея Семенова

After a meeting with Mr Paul reported that many social media users expressed their desire to help the inhabitant of the Ulyanovsk region. Pyatnitsky posted in social networks the Bank details for transfer.

“Let me remind you, he needs to pay “damages” in 220 thousand roubles, appointed by the court. You will also need money for the costs associated with lawsuits and review. I think somewhere else 150-200 thousand”, – said the man.

After some time Pyatnitsky stopped the fundraiser. According to him, during the day, Semenov donated 240 894 thousand rubles. “220 thousand will be used to repay a claim to be “victims”. The remaining funds will go to organizational expenses to ensure the submission of claims and statements against those who slandered Semenova and insulted him”, – said social activist.

The infamous Alexander Golosina who calls herself the granddaughter of Oleg Strizhenova, immediately spoke about the initiatives Pyatnitsky. She condemned the act a public figure. To publish Alexandra in social networks reacted and Diana Shurygina. The girl supports the position of Golosinas. Shurygina ridiculed Semenov. Earlier, Diana said that unhappy period of her rapist. According to her, the too early released.

Diana’s mother Shurygino commented on the rumors about prostitution daughter

Диана Шурыгина высмеяла Сергея Семенова

By the way, recently Sergey Semenov reported that it was restored at the University. A young man posted a photo student ID on Instagram.

“Everything went very smoothly and quickly, there was a feeling that I was just on vacation and come back to study. Still not believe what was happening, if not for these tests, still a long way to the mindset that we live now,” – said the inhabitant of the Ulyanovsk region.