Diana Shurygina publishes cute photos with the groom

Диана Шурыгина публикует милые фото с женихом
Some time ago, Diana Shurygina informed subscribers about the wedding with lover Andrey Slaheny, the operator of channel one, which will take place on 5 October.

Диана Шурыгина публикует милые фото с женихом

Young people know only six months, but ready to make it official. Diana happily shares with his followers snapshots with my fiance.
According to Shurygina, parents boyfriend warmly received her, but I still think that for a wedding yet.

Диана Шурыгина публикует милые фото с женихом

“Mom and dad Andrew well I was accepted, – tells 18-year-old girl. We regularly rest together in their cottage. However, they believe that it is too early to sign. My parents have the same opinion, though, and incredibly happy for us. On the other hand, why wait? While passions run high, it is necessary to marry”.

After painting, the young people gather to celebrate an important event together with friends in the restaurant.

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