Диана Шурыгина готовится к свадьбе с Андреем Шлягиным

As we can see, after a scandalous series of shows on the First channel “Let speak” about the rape at a teenage party, 18-year-old Diana Shurygina all rapidly getting better in life. Her father has found work, Internet users have long forgotten about the hatred of the girl, and she Shurygina married 29-year-old Andrew Slavina operators. As reported by the girl herself, “While passions run high, it is necessary to marry”.

Диана Шурыгина готовится к свадьбе с Андреем Шлягиным

The couple met in the spring, on the set of the show “hanky-panky with Diane Soriginal”. The show was filmed for a channel on YouTube Andrey Malakhov, who thus wanted to help the girl to cope with all the adversity pesevski in her life. Andrew Slagen doing camera work when he saw Diana and felt a pleasant romantic feeling. Last week, the couple decided to legalize their love relationships by submitting an application to the Registrar. the wedding is on 5 Oct.

As told to an adult girl, Andrew had supported her during the attacks of the haters and showed good character. “Andrew, I liked his cheerful and kind nature, manner of communication. He was supported morally, because I was still overcome by the haters. With him felt like a stone wall. We’ve been Dating three months and did not leave for a minute.”

Offer a statement made during Breakfast. Diana moved to Andrew. They live in an apartment, separately from their parents. During the next Breakfast operator said, “Diana, will you marry me! I love you so much!”. The girl did not expect such a turn and even choked on his coffee in the morning. The ring the couple chose together that would take into account the tastes of both and chose the size.

Andrew Slagen working as an operator in the First channel, where he was meeting the guys. Also, he was invited to shoot various events. As they say friends and relatives, the young man demanded in his work and earns well, so the wedding couple can afford. Before moving Diana worked as a Barista in Moscow, and soon decided to leave the position. Plans girl to pass specialized courses and get a new job. The couple already decides where and how it will be from the wedding. Slagin even acquainted with the parents of the future wife.

“Mom and dad Andrew good took me – says the girl on the parents of Andrew. We regularly rest together in their cottage. However, they believe that it is too early to sign. My parents have the same opinion, though, and incredibly happy for us. On the other hand, why wait? While passions run high, it is necessary to marry”.

After the wedding, the couple will call guests to the restaurant to continue the celebration. To prepare the wedding couple helps friend Shurygino — TV presenter Diana Bicharova. She picks the outfits and the venue.