Diana Shurygina landed in a psychiatric hospital

Диана Шурыгина угодила в психушку
Diana Shurygina not name on TV, but she did not give up and now your happy “live” in the network, giving the girls advice on how to behave “first time”.

Диана Шурыгина угодила в психушку

A few days ago Shurygina, just staged a similar dialogue with their fans, promising to tell about how and how her first time was.

She shared that tasted alcohol in childhood. The Diana to remember how old she was, but remembered that it was semi-sweet red wine.

Диана Шурыгина угодила в психушку

There were answers about the first money earned, about first love, but the most anticipated was the answer to the question about the first sex.

Well, after a couple of days after this conversation was that the mother “TV stars” sent his daughter for an examination in a psychiatric clinic, fearing for her state of mind.

And now the question is, again, a cunning move to recall its existence and talk about how hard life is for Diana or she really flew off the rails.

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