Diana Shurygina is actively preparing for her wedding

Диана Шурыгина активно готовится к своей свадьбе
Very soon, 5 October, the wedding of Diana Shurygina.

Диана Шурыгина активно готовится к своей свадьбе

Currently in full swing preparing for the celebration. The lovers have already decided on the place where the wedding will take place, and also chose the leading and have already ordered the wedding cake.

“The guys had originally planned a traditional wedding with a white dress and a large number of guests, – says the organizer of the celebration of Diana Bicharova. – At the same time, we wanted the atmosphere was relaxed, homely and at the same time, the youth, without pathos. So we stopped at the teahouse. Uzbek cuisine is one of the most delicious in the world.”

It is worth noting that Diana will marry her beloved, a 29-year-old operator of the First channel Andrey Slavina.

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