Диане Шурыгиной запретили петь на «Доме-2» The young singer once again failed to present his creation. Diana Shurygina does not hide the fact that he wants to outshine Olga Buzova. At the moment the girl paired with singer Sasha Act has already recorded three songs.
Диане Шурыгиной запретили петь на «Доме-2»

The first time Diana had planned to present one of his songs at the birthday party of producer Diana Bocharovoj, but she disrupted the speech. The second time Shurygino forbidden to sing by the producers of the reality show “Dom-2”.

We will remind that yesterday in Moscow hosted the wedding of showman Gauguin Solntsev and businesswoman Catherine’s Tereshkovich. Event long and much discussed. Primarily due to the fact that the choice of Gauguin’s older than his 30 years. After marriage registration in the capital’s wedding Palace No. 4, the couple and their guests went for a walk on.

Initially, the showman planned to organize a Banquet in one of the capital’s yacht clubs, which invited 70 guests, including stars. But at the last minute the groom decided to celebrate your wedding on the most controversial TV show of the country.

Alas, everything went wrong from the beginning. Six hours of Gauguin and the whole company were held in cafes, because the previous survey was delayed and they could not invite to the site. During this time, the part order the angry guests have left. Shurygina and the Act endured to the last.

Диане Шурыгиной запретили петь на «Доме-2»“It was terrible, – has shared with “StarHit” the producer of Shurygino Diana Bicharova. – At first we were told to wait a bit, and then it lasted for six hours! Wife of Gauguin was scared to look: after all, Ekaterina is not 20. Disrespect for some. Diana and Sasha, too, was nervous, in the end, began to be indignant, but still waiting. And then the producer of the project said that nothing need. Here’s how so you can negotiate? Apparently, there’s a reason God loves a Trinity. Will have a release next week, we will cover a couple of tables and invite only the closest and most journalists.”

In the end, the sun with his wife, Shurygina, Bicharova and other “martyrs” left the set only three hours a night. Shooting the wedding was held, but the creative part had to be cut.

Specify Shurygino debut as a singer was to be held last autumn in a luxury Metropolitan restaurant, where he celebrated the birthday of her producer Diana Bicharova. Together with Sasha Act she had planned to sing the song “Sunrise without her.” However, Diana never went on stage that night. The girl was spooked by a sheep, which brought the controversial blogger Dmitry Thorin. Five minutes before going on stage Diane ran out of the restaurant together with her husband Andrei Slaheny.

Diana Shurygina apologized for the scandal with a sheep

“I really was preparing to go on stage and even recorded a song in the Studio, told the “StarHit” Shurygina. But then in the restaurant there was this blogger Thorin with a sheep on a rope microphone away from the leading and began shouting all over the place my name. I was led to the provocation, he was afraid, and went away and eventually disrupted the speech. I feel bad for my behavior in front of the birthday girl and my producer Diana Bocharovoj”.