Diana Shurygina “caught” in the company of well-known blogger

Диану Шурыгину "застукали" в компании известного блогера
Became famous after the “Let them talk” and the famous “On the bottom” Diana Shurygina still is on treatment in psychiatric clinic, but sometimes she allowed close friends.

Диану Шурыгину "застукали" в компании известного блогера

One of those good friends was the controversial blogger Timur, trying to earn fame on the questionable commercials.

Timur went to see her for Easter, and Diana has even hinted that they are romantically involved and thanked them for their support.

But Timur himself, asked about romantic relationships not to talk, because they are only friends.

The Diana now spends his time studying social networks and even encourages to sign up for those who seemed interesting to her and support her.

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