Диану Шурыгину довели до истерики на рабочем месте Blogger Dmitry Torin attacked the girl in one of the capital’s cafes. Diana Shurygina forbids man to film her on his camera phone. But the flamboyant showman did not retreat, causing much nervous star transfer “Let speak”.
Диану Шурыгину довели до истерики на рабочем месте

Diana Shurygina, which came to prominence after participating in several editions of “Let them talk”, where bravely and openly spoke about being raped, now lives in Moscow.

The girl found in the capital work – she makes coffee in the bar of one of the shopping centers. It was here that it found the outrageous blogger and showman Dmitry Thorin. The man appeared to Diana to make a video with her participation. However, the star of “Let them talk” was very much against the intentions, Thorin. Diana asked him to remove the camera.

“Why is that? I’m a fashion silver and can shoot anything,” said he, asking the girl Barista brew him some coffee.

In response, a frightened Diana promised to call the guards and started to call someone on the phone. But Dmitry Thorin insisted. Then the girl took off his uniform and ran outside. “Don’t come any closer!” – hysterically screamed Diana Thorin. “I’m afraid of him!” nervously she spoke to someone in the phone.

Apparently, the blogger was very pleased that scared the shit out of defenseless girl. Shocking antics is a horse of Dmitry Thorin. More recently, there was public discussion of its passage on MUZ-TV. During the procession of the artists on the red carpet a man rushed to Ani Lorak and kissed her buttocks, chest and abdomen. The singer’s husband tried to fight off the fan, giving Dmitry a kick… his move Torin was injured – he was fired.

“The ceremony was at work – worked a secular reporter one of the media. However, after what the editor said I was fired. Some friends are also not happy with a couple of friends even deleted my phone number. But I don’t care – live as they want,” said Thorin, “StarHit”.

Recall that on 12 June Diana Shurygina celebrated its coming of age, and a few days before my birthday tried on dresses famous designer, has fun at a private party in Barvikha.

Recently every Sunday at 11 am on the YouTube channel a new video in which Diana Shurygina shares his experiences and impressions, tells how her life in the big city. Diana Shurygina: an honest story about mental illness, sex and conflict with the bloggers

New video with Diana’s main role will be released tomorrow, June 25.