Diana Shurygina appeared charming baby

У Дианы Шурыгиной появился очаровательный малыш The girl is excited about the new family member. Diana Shurygina gave to understand that the little pet will compete with her chosen one Andrew. Funny puppy star “Let them talk” promises to love as well as future husband.

In the life of a native of the city of Ulyanovsk Diana Shurygina, which became notorious for telling on TV about his rape, a new love.

On the eve in his microblog showed the girl, who now occupies part of her time and whom she is ready to take care of vigilantly. Diana Shurygina became the mistress of an adorable puppy, who, by her own admission, compete with your loved one.

“My favorite. Now at Andrey there was a small competitor named RAF,” – said Diana on his page in Instagram.

The pet turned out to be incredibly touching. Diana holds the dog in her arms, that clung to her, as if seeking the protection of his mistress. It should be noted that comment on your pictures Shurygina does not allow disabling this option. So followers have to keep their opinions about her to yourself. It did not have to speak about the little Pets of Diana.

The girl never said anything about the history of the appearance of her puppy, who loves to love not less than her future husband Andrew. But it is possible that it is a gift of the young man the girl who would soon become his wife. Diana Shurygina getting married

Recall that in late August, “StarHit” told its readers that Diana Shurygina 5 Oct married. The chosen girl was the 29-year-old operator, Andrew Slagen. The couple met in the spring of this year during the filming of the reality show “hanky-panky with Diane Shurygino” YouTube channel and Andrey Malakhov.

“Andrew, I liked his cheerful and kind nature, manner of communication, – shared with “StarHit” the 18-year-old Diana. – He supported us morally, because I was still overcome by the haters. With him felt like a stone wall. We’ve been Dating three months and did not leave for a minute.”

Diana Shurygina also said that Andrew’s parents took her. However, they believe that the wedding young it would be worth to wait. However, the girl and her boyfriend have already decided everything and do not want to delay the moment when they put on the ring fingers of each other wedding rings.