Diana Pozharskaya: “My new year’s wish has come true!”

Диана Пожарская: «Мое новогоднее желание уже сбылось!»
A candid interview with the star of the series “Hotel Eleon” 7days.ru.

Диана Пожарская: «Мое новогоднее желание уже сбылось!»

“New year we traditionally celebrate at home with my mom and her beloved husband. No long trips!”

Photo: Philip Goncharov

The life of a star of the TV series “Hotel Eleon” on STS recalls the tale of Cinderella. Even in the summer she was just a promising graduate of the VGIK, and today is one of the most sought after young Actresses in the country, considering the many offers of roles. Directors “indulge” Diana just one weekend a month, and its appearance in the supermarket turns into unplanned autograph session.

— To me began to approach, get to know me in stores or in the subway, and I honestly, every time you blush, but still try to pay attention, give an autograph to anybody who wants it, — said the actress “7D”. — I remember very well my feelings when, many years ago, watched with my friends the TV series “Wild angel”. Oh, I would give anything for an autograph then Natalia Oreiro, and even more so for a personal meeting with her! So now don’t miss your attention.

— Diana, did you expect that the “Hotel Eleon” so fast it’ll make you popular?

— I understood that the series will make it: after all, “Cuisine”, which is a continuation of “Eleon” it’s been a crazy ratings. I myself, by the way, prior to their auditions didn’t watch it. But immediately realized that I was lucky — the project seriously. And I was lucky enough to participate in the final audition for a big role in the film “Trainspotting-2”. Pull the other actress: her character came more. But what happiness to three hours chatting with legendary Director Danny Boyle, who worked with Leonardo Di Caprio, Ewan McGregor! Boyle — religious person, I think, wants to meet any actor, and then I got lucky.

Диана Пожарская: «Мое новогоднее желание уже сбылось!»

“With Milos Bikovich,the hero of which I have, in the story, entangled relationship, we immediately became friends”

Photo: STS

— Still! By the way, about Dating. Your character in “Hotel Eleon” the maid Dasha, a new character. With someone of the actors of the project were you familiar with before?

Only Seryozha by Lavigine. We starred in the TV series “Senior mafia” for NTV. And the rest have already met on the court. With Milos Bikovich, the hero of which I have, in the story, entangled relationship, we immediately became friends. It seemed like a simple funny guy, we often had dinner together.

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