Диана Арбенина намекнула на свою скорую свадьбу The singer does not exclude that they will be married next year. Diana has two children, but has not yet found happiness in his personal life. The actress believes that she will be lucky.

The star of “Night snipers” Diana Arbenina says that the next year will bring positive changes. The artist hopes to find happiness in marriage. According to the singer, she tried not to rush things.

“I thought to marry, but something in 2017 failed. And in 2018 we’ll see. Still the year of the Dog – so it will be a year of loyalty, devotion. Maybe that will become a wife. And if not, nothing to worry about. It is better not to marry than to divorce,” says the artist.

She is a happy mother of two twins. Artem and Martha came to light when the artist was 35 years old. She claims that could not previously be addressed at the completion of the family. Singer calls himself a happy man. After each tour, she hurries home to be reunited with her son and daughter. The singer will celebrate the New year with family.

“We, like all Russians, will celebrate the holiday with family: mom, dad, children and family. The Christmas tree the other day going to buy, but only animate – artificial I do not accept. I even like when the tree showered, then I like to sweep the needles. Only now I understand that all the discos that I was around 17-18 years old – it is a transitory. Stay in this new year’s eve with my parents, and you can walk on the other days. By the way, definitely want to visit the Park and also dream to get to the rink, though, and don’t know how to skate,” says Diana.

In an interview with “Interlocutor” she also said that every woman should feel the instinct of motherhood. It is the children who have changed the world view of the singer. By the way, about the father of the twins is unknown. Star claims that broke up with him a few years ago.

From an early age, Diana is trying to instill in your heirs a love for writing. Artem already tried his hand on stage. In the summer of 2016 boy vystupil at the festival “Invasion”. Little Tom with the support of the mother sang a complicated song “Shut up”. The audience was delighted with such a touching speech of the leader “Night snipers” and her heir. After the performance they waited for the tumultuous applause of the audience and the bouquets of flowers.