Diana had separated their twin children

Диана Арбенина разлучила своих детей-близнецов
The singer sent his son to the camp alone.

Photo: Instagram

Diana is a very responsible attitude to the education of their children. The singer is engaged in a 7-year-old Artem and Martha alone. Only when a star goes on tour, with the help of her mother.

Artem and March though, and the twins, but they taste completely different. She respects the interests of the children and does not target so they did everything together. The singer never dressed them in similar things like this often make the twins ‘ parents.

The other day Diana first sent her son to camp abroad. “This is the first independent travel Artem! — shared home with the fans. He went Sportivny camp Boxing Academy world fighting”. Mar remained with her mother in Moscow.

By the way, this year she became mother of the year. She was awarded the Mama Award in 2018. Traditionally, this prize is awarded to the successful women who combine work and parenting. Diana Urbanisator in the nomination “Art”. First Diana with the victory congratulated her daughter Marta, who made her company at the awards ceremony.

“This touching award once again convinced me that children are our immortality, — said Arbenina his victory. — The love in me is growing day by day and my sweet girl yesterday so hard and gently squeezed my hand in front of flashing camera lenses that I was first not terrible and for the first time was very easy in our adult world!”