Diana Gurtskaya’s blaming herself for refusing a second child

Диана Гурцкая корит себя за отказ от второго ребенка
The singer is afraid that he made a fatal mistake.

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A couple of years ago, the Network discussed the recognition of Diana Gurtskaya that it plans to become a mother for the second time. But since then, the singer’s dream, contrary to expectations, has not yet come to pass. It gives the 39-year-old singer a large number of experiences. Recently, the actress admitted that reproaches himself for the action taken last decision to stop at one kid. After the birth of the son of Bone in 2007, Diana was sure that her love is not enough for two children. But now she realizes that made a “nonsense”, leaving his child without a brother or sister. However, Gurtskaya not lose hope that all will be able in the future to give her husband Peter Kucherenko daughter, which he wants.

“So I do not bore a second, a fool. It will be possible, would very much like daughter. There was a moment when Kostya was young, did not want to share my love for him with anyone, but now I understand that he needed a brother, a sister. What would I do without your brother Robert? Although we often argue, swear, because he still thinks of me as a child. Sometimes I begin to understand, I also difficult to hear when my son tells me that he has his own life. And brother I was a child, almost hand-fed!” — confessed Diana.

Gurtskaya said that never thought your vision problems punishment. Moreover, if during her pregnancy said that the baby will be born blind, she would, without hesitation, gave birth. “If to speak about the pathologies, in my case there was a question whether the son to see, — says Diana. — If I was told that I would have a blind baby, I would give birth to. This is my child, whatever it was. Who am I to deny someone to live? I am not God!” Diana had long ago adapted to the fact that he sees. She has adapted to having to do with your son lessons. Gurtskaya intuitively says that the son is distracted. But, if the artist was able to regain the vision of what she wanted to see his son.

Diana Gurtskaya and her son Kostya

Photo: @Instagram petr_kucherenko Peter Kucherenko

“I would like my son to see at least 5 minutes. Never complained about his fate and didn’t know why with me it happened. On the contrary, always say what’s good, what’s wrong with me and not with someone else. I am grateful to God for everything, but if I had the opportunity, I would love to see what he’s like, my son. But at least I don’t have vision, I can still see him with your heart!” — quotes Gurtskaya Sobesednik.ru.