Диана Гурцкая слишком опекает сына
Almost 10 years ago, Diana Gurtskaya and her husband Peter Kucherenko became parents to a cute son.

Диана Гурцкая слишком опекает сына

Parents soul I love my little boy, surround him with love and care.

“I want to know about all his interests, even trying to understand computer games, says the famous singer. – You know what “minecraft”? I don’t, so often they ask him about the characters, the plot, the challenges of the game. He tells me, and I imagine all the details, trying to memorize them”.

Диана Гурцкая слишком опекает сына

Kostya can talk to your mom heart to heart has no secrets from her. Nevertheless, Diana has enough to worry about.

“It’s a different time – shares Gurtskaya. – Children glued to the computer, to the Internet, so I think that education, various clubs, a music school will be able to protect us from not the best situations we sometimes face. Yes, I’m very hard and strict, unlike dad.”

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