Diana found love in Instagram

Диана Арбенина нашла свою любовь в Instagram
“We have some plans,” says the singer.


Photo: press-service of the singer

had Diana to present a new video for the song “Sad
people,” as shared on his page on Instagram a snippet of the new
video leader of the band during the sound check before the concert was performed under
guitar fragment of a song “Instagram”. New song Diana Arbenina
wrote in December 2017. The song was warmly greeted by loved ones around
Arbenina and decided to do her next single. And
January “Night Snipers” started an anniversary tour, which began
the work on “Instagram”.

one of the few songs that has a particular destination, –
admitted Diana. — I met him on Instagram,
accidentally going on his page. We started emailing, and soon
encountered. What is happening between us now is a miracle.
So full of love I had not experienced for a long time. We are both complex people, and not
always understand each other, which was understandable among creative people. He
also a musician, and we already have some plans,” admitted Diana
Arbenina. On
the singer, Instagram is the social network that she
really loves, and that her life is meeting people with whom
only happen in this social network.«I
often Instagram, I have a lot of publications. Two years ago, I
invented the category, “Good morning country”, which is waiting for many of my
subscribers. And came up with quite by accident, when in the summer I ride with
children on bicycles. I rarely post photos, basically
publish a video. I love to read comments, I wonder that you write me
people. I sometimes answer, and begins informal communication,” says
Diana Arbenina.