Диана Арбенина похвасталась молодой и красивой мамой
The singer’s parents celebrated their birthdays.

Photo: Instagram

The end of March usually for Diana Arbenina — a joyous time. March 27 and 28, celebrate their birthdays, her beloved parents, Galina Zhuravkova and Sergei Ivanovich.

Yesterday mom star turned 71. In honor of this momentous occasion, Diane has published in a personal blog a picture of a young Galina Anisimovna. It is in the fashionable Arctic Fox hat looks like a copy of her daughter, who grew up and became so popular.

“I specifically refer to the congratulations of relatives in social networks. much more natural to kiss and hug the shoulders, and now consider that I elementary to brag, as a 9-year-old girl: look what my awesome beautiful mother! — posted by Diana on her personal blog. — Mom turned 71 years old, now she’s sleeping beside me in the compartment on the train to Volgograd, and in the evening will be cheerfully and vigorously to tell you about my books and help you to measure our t-shirts. Mom is in the group “Night snipers” and with us in all the cities! Mother, who is 71 today, sometimes younger than all of us, and I am seriously beginning to think that the year of her birth someone boldly joked, adding a newborn from 30 years with the registration in the Registrar’s office. My mother taught me to write. First, the texts. Then the songs. Taught to feel and surgically remove excess. Mom — the coolest journalist and leader. Mom is fragile, and her cornflower blue eyes…”

And today, with no less heartfelt text, she appealed to the social networks to your dad, which is also the birthday: “My dad. The man and the man that I miss every day and to which I feel every second. Mom gave me a feeling of the word. Dad gave the music that was my destiny. He has perfect pitch and is musically gifted he is at times more than I do. It is subtle and manly; he is caring and tender; he is a loner like me, and just needs love, but don’t admit it. Every time I leave after short meetings with him, my heart is torn. Today’s daddy’s birthday. So my parents made a duet: mother 27, he — the next day… this year my dad’s birthday fell on a day of mourning in our country for those killed in Kemerovo. Today, as never before, I want to tell him: Dad! I love you very much. And how nice that we have the ability to call each other and say it out loud”.