Diana Arbenina: “write a Picture – it’s like sex!”

Диана Арбенина: «Картины писать – это как секс!»

The singer gave a master class how to paint.

Draws himself a long time ago. Before that it was the graphic works, drawings, but with something special of their Diana had not considered. And in the year 2006, she herself doesn’t remember how she wanted to paint in oil. And here after 10 years in the Central house of artists opened its first exhibition of “Jagger”.

— Paint me no one ever taught and not taught, I have a completely different problem, – confessed Diana. — I am grateful to the kindergarten teacher, walking past me and seeing how I draw, said: “This girl ever draw will not.” 85 years later suddenly thought, but she was wrong…

— I’ll teach you how. First, go to the store, buy a canvas. At first it sufficed. Take a good stereo system. Cut it so loud that the neighbors just came off the ears. It is cut, without all those intelligent “include”. Go to the canvas and are starting to pour in. It is difficult as well as write songs. In this flight you must be sinless as a child. And nothing to fear. That neighbor will come and say: “What a daub!” Most importantly – you reach freedom. In life the main thing.

I never get tired of paintings after, I am happy and all. For me it’s a catharsis. When at least five percent is implemented already happy. I want some air. It’s like sex. That felt good, and after the song I killed. I understand that happy, too, but I killed. And writing poetry, generally no wish to live.

I only recently Alla Reshetnikova (project curator, Celebrity Art, which drove Diana to the exhibition. — Approx. Woman’s Day) told how to mix the colors, what palette. She asked me: “where’s the easel?” I brought her something from the next room. “Where’s the palette?” And I: “what is that?” She: “Well, there, where the mixed paint”. Me: “And why to mix them?” Alla, turning away, apparently, I did not see her face, said, “don’t know what color, but on the whole the exhibition was kapahala”. Now I know what a palette knife, rollers.

I took a chance to do it. I did it. And every want: if you want to try something in 40, 80 or 20, or spit on everything and try. I want to draw? The worst thing in all this for me – not even a chance to unveil the painting, hang on, and to expose them to try to sell. For me, it was wild – not songs, not music. I explained that there was no huddle, which is wrong to deny yourself the right picture to release. And when I did, I realized that was released.

Many studies understand the reason there are numbers and words. Different. From “I love you” to abusive. Hence the age limit of +18.

— For me very important word. And in the music. And everywhere. The word helps me to stamp in the picture the absence of their skills. Just a “still-life No. 24” to me about anything. Well, mate… All I can do is turn the picture sideways, when my children see.

Children of Diana, a six-year Artem and March, also came to support Mama.

— I March draws her color very well. She is engaged in painting, brings every week a new picture. I all these works hang in the bedroom. She recently said: “at my exhibition of 22 paintings, I thought”. Children want to draw with me together. The theme says that we painted “the Ice lion”. Probably, it was. Just at that moment the people around me don’t exist. All can see – so that the paint didn’t eat. She’s so delicious.

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