Диана Арбенина рассказала о сбывшейся мечте

In a recent and very candid interview with the famous singer Diana Arbenina, the former participant of group “Night snipers” told that her dream of becoming a singer come true. The album “will Survive only lovers”, released in 2016, was, according to Arbenina, so powerful that she now knows how to sit for a new composition.

“The new songs are for me taboo. The last album Ruban its power, and the creation of new songs I now approach very carefully. Specially around the guitar the far side, not playing to miss it, will be filled with energy waiting.
I don’t know how long I’ll be studying music. Maybe in a week decides that it’s time to finish. I don’t owe anyone anything to prove, I just have already achieved.
Only once I felt a dream come true. In 1998, I came to the Gorbunov Palace of culture the concert of nick cave. Then I stood in the crowd and ever dreamed of standing before an audience and in the spotlight to wipe a white towel. I didn’t realize how much energy and effort is lost in the time cave. In 2010, after twelve years, I give two big solo concerts on the same stage. And in that moment I physically felt what it feels like when dreams come true”— said Arbenina.

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