Determined perfect hips: 107 cm

Определен идеальный объем бедер: 107 сантиметров

Brazil has chosen a new “Miss boom-Boom”.

Another confirmation of the fact that the parameters of 90-60-90 is finally obsolete. Now considered the sexiest hips of 107 cm. The owner of such hips became the winner of the contest Miss BumBum, which is held in Brazil.

And though the contest is of a purely local character, the results are following around the world. And it is clear. On participating at least nice to look at – going owner of the most supple, rounded and curvy buttocks. And the forms of the contestants should be natural, no plastic! This survey is conducted in an x-ray to prove the natural origin of the forms.

And if all tests are passed, the “Miss Bum Bum” becomes a real world star. For example, last year’s winner Susie Cortez recently starred in a photo shoot in support of the Russian mascot for the world Cup 2018. What will happen to the current – not yet known. But before the next contest to end as the new “Miss boom-Boom” already trumpeting all the world’s tabloids. This time the victory was won by the black model Erica Canela, born in the state of Bahia, located in the East of Brazil. The hips of this model is 107 inches. Well, for the next year this option will be considered the sexiest in the world.

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