Детектив Коломбо благодарил судьбу за свой стеклянный глаз
Peter Falk would have turned 89 years old today.

Peter Falk

Peter Falk loved
viewers around the world. Falk during his long career managed to play more than a hundred films and TV series. And went down in history as the executor of his
the main role of Lieutenant Colombo. Thanks to her, he was among the “50 greatest TV stars of all time
peoples” according to the magazine TV Guide.

Peter, the son of a modest
the owner of the shop and mother-accountant,became an actor not immediately.
He had worked as a cook on a ship in the Navy to serve as an officer in
state office in Halverde. Falk’s debut on stage took place almost thirty years. And in the movie he made four years later. Peter auditioned for different
role, but it is invariably rejected. “For your fee, I can buy him two
eyes!” — so ruthlessly commented another failure of a producer from Columbia Pictures,
alluding to the fact that Falk is one eye was a glass prosthetic”.

Peter lost an eye three years: the doctors had to remove it due to a rare
of the tumor. Surprisingly, Peter did not feel at all disabled, were run together with other
boys were actively engaged in
sports played in high school baseball and
the basketball teams. Moreover, ironically, in addition to exceptional
talent, his career, contributed just his physical defect.
After all, glass eyes became the hallmark of his Lieutenant Colombo.

Falk played his character in
the TV series “Colombo” 22 years: from 1971 to 1977 and from 1989 to 2003 — ten years of breaks in the middle. Interestingly, the first series of the show
was made by a young and then little-known Director Steven Spielberg. Both the Director and actor, made each other a good impression. Peter
argued: Colombo so he failed because he himself and his
the hero had a lot in common: both were pedantic and quarrelsome perfectionist.

Nor quarrelsome
the character or the glass eye did not prevent the success of the Falke women. He was
married twice: the first time Ellis Mayo, whom he met at Syracuse University. Together they have raised two adopted daughters. His second wife was the actress Shira Denise. It was her
along with Falk almost 25 years, inherited a sad fate to become the guardian of a spouse who lost in old age the capacity. Last
a few years of his life Peter suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. From complications
this disease, accompanied by other ailments, he left this world in
June 2011 at the age of 83 years.

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