Задержан возможный убийца модели из Магнитогорска 16 July in Magnitogorsk brutally murdered 29-year-old model. The finalist of the beauty contest was trying to sell the car. Went to a meeting with a potential buyer, Xenia Metzger never returned. Later her body was found in the woods. Today police arrested the likely culprit, which turned out to be 24-year-old Magnitogorsk resident.
Задержан возможный убийца модели из Магнитогорска

The body of 29-year-old model was found in the woods. According to the official version, Ksenia Metzger died after being struck by a hammer on the head. The investigation then began investigating high-profile murders, finding that the guilty may be 24-year-old employee of one of the service stations Magnitogorsk. The man allegedly liked the car of the deceased, he invited her to inspect the car and then hit on the head and took the body away from the city.

First of the missing participants in the international beauty pageant Missis World Russia reported her husband Alex.

Задержан возможный убийца модели из Магнитогорска“She was with the money from the sold cars. Up to the present time have not returned home. Applied everywhere: police, hospitals. Was last in the area of refueling. Help!”.
Задержан возможный убийца модели из Магнитогорска

According to Ural media, the model resided in the United States with her husband and son. Home Xenia returned only in order to sell your car Skoda Octavia. However, a meeting with a potential buyer ended in a terrible tragedy for the family.

“During the carried-out investigative actions and quickly-search actions managed to establish and detain a local resident, involved in Commission of this crime. Currently the question on election of a measure of restraint and arraignment,” — said on the website of the Investigative Committee in Chelyabinsk region.

About a year ago my husband of Ksenia moved to the United States, and later moved there and his wife and child. According to the mother of the deceased, the model is not the first time I sold the car and was familiar with all the nuances.

In the fateful evening the woman told the parents that will quickly show the car and come home. It is noteworthy that the car was in the garage, however, the opposite was the police station, perhaps for this reason, a strange meeting place did not arouse suspicion among the finalists of beauty contests.

Friend Ksenia Oles said the “StarHit” details of the murder. According to her, the murderer himself showed the place where he hid the body.

“We were friends for many years. She came from USA to visit their parents, wanted to sell the car. We went to show the car to potential buyer. He killed her. Took over the city and dumped near the river Angeliki. She left a son 3.5 years, her husband working in the US, and there they lived for almost a year. She and the baby to the parents went on vacation. The killer confessed and showed her the body,” — said Olesya.