Details of “tense” relations Victoria and David Beckham

Подробности «накалившихся» отношений Виктории и Дэвида Бекхэм
A famous footballer shocked fans with a new photo in Instagram.

Подробности «накалившихся» отношений Виктории и Дэвида Бекхэм

Victoria and David Beckham

Photo: Splash News/East news

Foreign media almost every year, predict the imminent and inevitable divorce of Victoria and David Beckham. And the star couple for 17 years, consistently denies the rumors about the alleged
would be spoiled between them. This time the noise rising around the fact that the couple allegedly to prepare for a formal divorce, was a mere speculation of media. Rumors of discord between the spouses has spread, once it became known that the husband of Victoria resigned as Director of her company. His dismissal really was a formality, and not a consequence of the allegedly fierce argument. According to the representative pairs, the solution to Beckham about the change of leadership is due exclusively to the policy of the company to Victoria.”News about divorce — fiction. David and Victoria
happy together and not going to leave!” he said.

In confirmation of the fact that the family reigns idyll, David has posted in
Instagram a picture of your new tattoo. On the left leg of Beckham now
flaunts a picture of religious content, the creation process which took no less, but five hours. According to friends, the sportsman began to irritate the increased attention from the public on any occasion, and in the last
time is increasingly turning to religion helps to accept everything with humility.

Recall that for a star body, there are
more than 40 tattoos, most of which is devoted to the family — his beloved wife and
children. By the way, recently the head of the family once again confirmed the status
“the best daddy”. It turns out that the player himself sews dresses for dolls daughters and very proud of it!

Moreover, friends of “ex-peppercorns”
claim that the star couple is a true example of a strong Union. Spouses help each other, solve problems together, raising children and even on
sports are trying to go together.

New tattoo of David Beckham

Photo: Instagram

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