Подробности секс-скандала Азии Ардженто: заявление Джимми Беннета

Accused of harassment Harvey Weinstein actress Asia Argento herself became a sex-scandal. The victim was actor Jimmy Bennett, who during the incident was 17 years old. Now he is 22 and he makes an official statement, which tells why he decided five years later to talk about the incident.

“I didn’t tell my story because I wanted to understand this issue personally with the person who hurt me. My injury again made itself felt, when she (Argento. — Approx. ed.) was the victim. I did not make a public statement because I was ashamed and afraid to become part of public history. I was a minor when it happened, and I tried to get justice, it made sense to me then. I was not ready for the consequences my story became public”.

“At that time I believed in our society to fall into such a situation the man was shameful. But I went through a lot in life, and with that I can handle it. Today I decided to move ahead and not remain silent,” he said.

We will remind, the American edition of the New York Times, which published the charges Weinstein, told a story of an actor Jimmy Bennett. In 2004 he collaborated with Argento in the movie “Chicks”. Asia directed and played the lead role. The film tells about a girl engaged in prostitution and coercing his son to help. My son just played a young actor.

Harassment happened later. In 2013 Jimmy was 17 years old. The actress met him at the hotel where I put up a few selfies, reading about the reunion of old friends. “Happiest day of my reunion with Jimmy Bennett”, — has signed one of the selfies of the actress. There happened sexual intercourse. According to the actor, Asia’s actions caused him great psychological trauma. In the end, he demanded compensation for moral and physical damage.

When unfolded the story of Harvey Winstrom, the family of the actor affected by the violence demanded to pay him 380 thousand dollars for his silence. In the hands of The New York Times got the documents, which say about the deal is successfully completed. On paper are the signatures of both parties.