Details became known of the Dating of brad pitt with children

Стали известны подробности свидания Брэда Питта с детьми
The meeting was held without the presence of Angelina Jolie.

Brad pitt with children


As previously reported, brad pitt finally allowed
for the first time in three weeks to see her kids. And now thanks to the leak
committed by one of the friends of pitt, became aware of the details of Dating brad
with his “sons”. This story was told to the reporter of the online edition of Daily Mail.

As told by the informant, that meeting happened about
a week ago, after a long separation. Since, as Angelina Jolie filed for
divorce with brad, having finished, thus, their 12-year relationship that led to
2 years of marriage, brad is strictly forbidden to communicate with his biological
and foster children. And only after Jolie and pitt, by means of
their lawyers managed to come to a temporary agreement, brad allowed
to meet his offspring, but only in the presence of a psychologist.

This meeting was held in the house of the couple in Los Feliz,
where they once lived with the whole family. To the extreme disappointment of pitt, Jolie
allowed him to see with only two of his children – eldest daughter Shiloh and
Saharas. The meeting lasted only an hour and they never allowed
to stay with the girls alone. Jolie herself was not present, but
the psychologist as he was ordered, did not leave his “post”. Date
was very emotional. Pitt barely held back tears, and Shiloh and Zahara cried
vengeance. At some point the awl asked brad if they could go with dad to
his home. What pitt, hardly took himself in hand, said he hoped that
soon this will be possible…

Actually, that is not quite clear what will happen
further. The term of the interim agreement, according to which Jolie received
sole custody, and pitt — rare date under the supervision of a specialist, expires
very soon — October 20. Whether during this time the spouses to agree
as “divide” children, or they will have to fight for them in the courtroom, to predict