Details became known of the birth of Sasha Savelyeva

Стали известны подробности родов Саши Савельевой
The singer Sasha Savelieva, until recently, kept secret details of her first pregnancy.

Стали известны подробности родов Саши Савельевой

Sasha tried to “confused traces”, laying out photos from America, from London, from Israel, although actually this time was in the perinatal center “Mother and child”, where subsequently undergone childbirth.

Sasha Savelyeva gave birth to a boy and told in Instagram.

Стали известны подробности родов Саши Савельевой

And now you know how much Sasha and her husband Kirill Safonov spent on labor. The cost of stay in the perinatal center has managed to pair 1.5 million. This price included accommodation before and after childbirth and immediately the whole process.

Girlfriend Sasha model Elena Kuletskaya also said that Savelyev in advance to prepare for this event, receiving from friends and detailed tips about what items to buy and how to prepare for discharge from hospital.

Recall that after the birth of a child, it was reported that the baby was placed in intensive care. The parents do not have to comment on the news.

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