Destiny in turn: the love that began with an accident

Судьба за поворотом: любовь, которая началась с ДТП Maksim and Kristina from Volgograd have checked the proverb “there would be No happiness, Yes the misfortune has helped”. Five years ago she got in an accident, and began this beautiful love story.
Судьба за поворотом: любовь, которая началась с ДТП

“The point is not to forget in the car a compass, but would not leave…” – this thought kept repeating in my head 20-year-old Kristina Bukina in the first minutes after an accident in the winter of 2012. The next day, the fifth-year student at Institute of architecture and construction passed important exam on the subject “Building materials”… Before she returned from the store with her boyfriend Artem and girlfriend Mary.

Almost near the house, on the turn, their car was hit by a drunk driver “Volga”. All were injured, but fortunately survived.

The 25-year-old Lieutenant of traffic police Maxim Molokanova was closed. But the guy was a witness to the incident. Called colleagues, the ambulance and waited for their arrival. It took him a few seconds to see the frightened eyes of Christina and realize that she’s the one… “This pretty lady in the red jacket’s all mine,” thought Maxim.

The kid from next door

The girl’s heart was not free – in the ninth grade, she started going out with Artem. “We fought a lot, admits Bukin. Friends kept saying, “Nonsense, in the end get married” – but for some reason I saw him as a serious and reliable man willing to go all the way”.

After the accident, Molokanov made friends with the boyfriend of the heroine, helped deal with the insurance company, they became friends. Six months later, and Maxim sent a message to Christina on the social network: “need any help, just ask” – and phone number. She just thanked. After a week I offered to walk, but was refused.

“Then I understood why the Lieutenant is familiar to me: we live literally in the neighboring houses, – says the girl. – He never got to me: blond with blue eyes is not my type. Didn’t want to meet and reassure the guy. But perseverance gradually yielded results. We started to communicate.”
Судьба за поворотом: любовь, которая началась с ДТП

Once, after another quarrel with Christine Artem went home in a bad mood, and then called max. “We agreed to meet at the weekend – continues Bukin. – That evening, he surprised me greatly. The restaurant burned candles, played nice music. Suddenly, in the hands of max was a microphone. He sang great, he has a great voice! Still can’t remember the title of the song”.

Vacation in Mexico

On the third date, Maxim announced that in six months leaving to serve in Chechnya under contract. “Asked whether she will wait for me. And the answer was a categorical “no” – says the guy. – In spite of everything, I decided that even thousands of miles away will achieve!” Maxim went, but the distance was always called by phone and Skype, send flowers.

Once a former boyfriend Artem tried to establish a relationship with Cristina. The guy came to visit her, but the conversation was interrupted by a courier who delivered the bouquet in the form of a huge bear with a note “coming Soon, my K.”. “The first letter of the name and the point – so I asked Maxim to record my contact. At first it was a cute joke, and later became a twist – explains the heroine. – On the eve of his return, he was asked to go on vacation together. His friend for three days they issued me a passport… Max is back in August, the first day morning I met near the entrance, and drove to work. The weekend we spent at the cottage with friends. And on Monday had bought tickets”.

When I say that thoughts and desires materialists, don’t lie: Christina was in shock when I found out a place of rest. Many a time she watched the show “Vacation in Mexico” and wanted to see the country of the Aztecs. Maxim was not aware of, but of all the tours I have chosen this direction. Fourteen days on the sea with romantic sunsets and sunrises did the trick – the girl finally began to fall in love. Back in Volgograd, Kristina received an offer to live together, but did not give consent.

They were just Dating. It took another four years for that Molokanov has earned the apartment, made repairs, and bought a car. And January 1, 2017, at home under the chiming clock decided to ask the main question: “will you Be my wife?” and the answer was: “Yes!” This summer, 17 Jun born family Molokanova.