Отчаянные мамочки: как беременные звезды разрушают стереотипы “StarHit” remembered celebrities who are not afraid to go against the rules. Many of the representatives of show business act contrary to accepted standards – they can easily afford to strip for a spectacular photo shoot, repaint the hair and even go on mountain skiing.

      “StarHit” presents to your attention the stellar parents who do not follow all the rules of a healthy pregnancy. Even in this curious position of these women do not deny themselves some of their usual pleasures. Representatives of show business, pending the advent of a child into the world, feel free to go against the stereotypes: age not a problem for them, and their own naked body does not cause shame.

      Oksana Samoilov traveled on a cruise ship

      Her husband – rapper djigan – shared the news that his family is waiting for replenishment, 2 Jan. At this time, a couple with two daughters, the eldest Ariel 5 years and younger Than 2 years – traveled on a cruise ship on the Atlantic ocean.

      Mother expecting a third child, not embarrassed by the challenges she could face in a long trip. First, the transport involves a long stay in a sitting position on the plane can be constant changes in atmospheric pressure. Secondly, climate change and permanent residence on the ship can lead to deterioration of health of pregnant women.

      However, according to Samoilova in Instagram, you can see that she felt healthy and rested: “My biggest fear was the storm and sea-sickness. Yesterday, we are not little rock, but the feelings just sleep well, and no discomfort was not. No one is sick, do not notice especially that you are on the ship and in motion. So that those who have similar fears, you can relax.”

      Immodest outfits Natalie

      In 42 years, the singer boasts of excellent appearance: slim figure and eternal youth. But she already has two children, and a third for six months as on the approach! With such data, of course, not to complexes. Therefore, even rounded tummy, the singer does not hesitate to wrap a short bright dresses on frequent performances. Apparently, her image of the eternal girls allows to perceive this is quite normal, and some even admire such openness.

      However, Natalie is considered to be an exemplary mother, because almost all the free time it gives communication with sons and their education. Fans prove it by the comments on Instagram of the singer: “I Want to congratulate Natalie on mother’s Day and wish it to be a great mom”.

      Kate Gordon again undressed

      In the last month of pregnancy the journalist is trying to enjoy his fortune – after all, before Katya complained of physical discomfort and fatigue. To lighten the mood to help her photo shoot, during which she is completely naked.

      As if anticipating the reaction of fans, Kate writes:

      “You know, I understand. After all, the point of extreme happiness and sadness alone force open, to be naked, to share, others to hide in a hole. I’m an exhibitionist from happiness… In the bad times I was a nudist from harm… And now that nudity is my joy. I don’t know if I God a third child, but the last days I want to get high and remember every moment… And I don’t care if some of you dislike the female body, or complexes. I have this pot-bellied, their happiness is not.”


      The singer does not get tired to surprise fans. No sooner had the Nasty to report about the pregnancy with the phrase “happiness a woman can’t hide forever,” as a few days in her Instagram there was a picture where her hair has got a dark chocolate color and is noticeably shortened. Subscribers in the excitement as Nastya hugging tummy, very cute looks in cozy sweaters and short hair.

      The beauty of beauty, but as you know, the hair emit noxious fumes, which breathes the woman. Consequently, such a procedure can badly affect the health of the mother. So it is better not to get involved and protect the future baby from chemical smells.

      Milan Kerzhakov regularly builds lashes

      In April the family Kiriakovich a son. About this player, Alexander said followers in Instagram relatively recently: “Soon in our house, one man will be more! Love you, Milan.”

      The girl, like all women, during pregnancy no less want to look attractive. She, accustomed to the variety of modern cosmetic treatments, can not do without lash extensions. But in the last time physicians this procedure is not recommended for an expectant mother to lie on her back for about two hours, almost motionless, that is unsafe. After all, a big belly puts pressure on the internal organs and disrupts blood flow.

      Polina Gagarina was skiing

      During the new year holidays, the singer spent time with her husband and son in the mountains. In contrast to the majority of domestic stars prefer overseas, she settled for the Sochi resort “Rosa Khutor”, where you can go for Spa treatments and skiing.

      Fans of the actress have long been to observe the changes in her figure: it was said that Pauline has gained weight and she had her tummy. However, the singer hasn’t officially confirmed the pregnancy, which, incidentally, does not prevent her to actively relax with his family: “Yesterday we did a lot of riding, doing it all the time. Son loved it, all excited. I think that in the near future will go up in the mountains.”

      Pregnant Polina Gagarina impressed with the bikini

      It should be noted that doctors do not recommend exercise to women in the position only if it is not about specific exercises.

      Irina Shayk was dressed in lingerie

      31-year-old model for the first time will become a mother. At the December show Victoria’s Secret under the cloak could not hide the oversized stomach. She supermodel a few weeks did not give official confirmation, but they did not hide their happiness.

      “I don’t think there is an ideal time for the birth of the baby. First you need to find your man, good man. My sister had her first child when she was 22 years old. It was the perfect time. I am 31 years old. And this age is probably ideal for me. I’m very happy now! I’m lucky to have all I wanted.” According to Irina Shayk, Bradley Cooper is the perfect man and father.

      A spectacular performance of Beyonce at the Grammys

      In the later period, beyoncé ventured out on the stage of the ceremony “Grammy” with the song Formation, for which she was awarded. 35-year-old singer looked happy – because she clearly didn’t feel lonely Beyonce was expecting twins.

      Slinky gold outfit said rounded owner. Moreover, the artist is not concealed position. Prior to that, she posted pictures of belly on Instagram and wrote: “We would like to share with you your love and happiness. We are blessed twice. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be on two men more, and grateful to all of you for the good wishes. The Carter Family”.

      Love or humility: what lies behind the external idyll of the family Beyonce

      Perhaps all twenty of the “Grammy” this is for the singer the most memorable.

      Galina Bob lights on the stage

      Not so long ago Galina was also a singer at the young woman began to frequent concerts. When the actress was already five months pregnant, it was OK for her to dance on stage as if nothing had happened, although it is definitely not very good for the health of mom and baby health.

      “Of course, I was worried doubly and the importance of events and special circumstances. And we really cut our dance program after I announced the pregnancy. But the whole idea of my perfect position only gave me new strength and energy. Dress was specially made so no one was confused about my five-month belly. Of course, all the difficulties of pregnancy am I not spared the toxicity including. But I took myself in hand and prepared, rehearsed, because this concert was for me very important,” shared Bob.

      Alla Dovlatov bear in 42 years

      Actress with a responsible approach to planning their fourth child – after all, age is not the most secure. Now Alla is following the diet and doing proper exercise for pregnant women. Lately she is actively involved in yoga, of course, under the supervision of a coach.

      Photos from classes occasionally appear in her Instagram. They must serve as a great motivation for moms. Here, for instance, Allah says: “Today I propose a complex asana “Yoga for pregnancy” with breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation to improve health, endurance, muscle tone, prevention of insomnia, edema, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, of excess weight”. Such an example to follow!