“Deserve”: Yana Rudkovskaya talked about the daughter of Sergey Lazarev

«Заслужил»: Яна Рудковская заговорила о дочке Сергея Лазарева
A friend of the singer has hinted at the imminent addition?

Yana Rudkovskaya provoked the rumors that Sergey Lazarev in the near future will again become a father. Businesswoman is a close friend of the singer, spoke publicly about the appearance of his daughter. In his congratulatory message (Lazarus yesterday marked 35 years of age) Yana wished to Sergei, the girl grew up to be as beautiful as his son Nikita.

“My dear and incredible, I wish your concert in the Olympic break. So your family was happy, and soon in your life there was also a daughter, is as beautiful as your son, because you, of all people, deserved that hug!” — said Rudkovskaya. Fans assume that John has inside information about the planned birth of her second child Sergei.

Sergei himself on the question of the replenishment of the last answer last summer, when the Network appeared rumors that he intends to be a father. Then he said: “For me, that I have a teenage son, all healthy and happy… All the time. We will not rush things!” It is interesting that the artist did not deny the possibility of girls.

We will remind that Sergey managed for two years to conceal the birth of a son Nikita. Even fellow artists, including Philip, did not know about the paternity Lazarev. It is possible that the birth of a daughter, the contractor will also classify.