Потомок Пушкина – самый молодой миллиардер Англии

Great-great-great-great-grandson of Russian poet inherited a huge fortune.

“My dad is the most honest rules when not in jest was sick, he got to respect yourself… and left me a billion”. Though not as smoothly as Alexander, but true. In the UK, on 65-m to year of life has died the Duke of Westminster Gerald Grosvenor, leaving his eldest son, fabulous condition.

Потомок Пушкина – самый молодой миллиардер Англии

The sudden death of the Duke of a heart attack was a real shock to the people of England. The Royal family and the aristocracy, I Express deep condolences to the widow of Grosvenor Natalia. By the way, she is a close friend of Princess Diana and godmother to Prince William. In addition, Natalia is a distant descendant of Alexander Pushkin. Along with her sisters she honors his great ancestor. Big sister Natalia, Alexandra Anastasia Phillips, even organized an award named after his brilliant ancestor for gifted children UK, and the youngest of Marita Crawley – wrote the libretto of “the Poet and the king” dedicated to Pushkin. Boasts a Russian poet and his great-great-great-great-grandson of Hugh Grosvenor, the eldest son of Natalia and the Duke. It was he who inherited a title and money of his father, becoming at 25 the youngest billionaire of the United Kingdom.

About the newly-richer little known, his life carefully hidden from journalists and camera lenses. The young man graduated from one of prestigious English schools, studied at Oxford. In scandals and uproars, in contrast to the same Prince Harry, not seen. Except that with fanfare celebrated its coming of age to the accompaniment of leading British artists. Well, it’s young. And most importantly, he is not married. So, in the regiment an enviable English suitors arrived.

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