Derevianko and Vdovichenkov could not stand extreme loads

Деревянко и Вдовиченков не выдержали экстремальных нагрузок
Actors narrowly escaped embarrassment in the dedication to the astronauts.

Pavel Derevyanko

Photo: Press service

Yesterday guests online show “OK!” came Pavel Derevyanko/ live actor spoke about shooting in zero gravity and how
as it was dedicated to the astronauts while working on the film “Salyut-7”, the premiere of which was recently held in Moscow.

According to
Derevianko, weightlessness had given him hard enough. “Near St. Petersburg, in 30 km, was
shot a huge hangar at the automobile factory, — says the actor. — There
constantly noisy heat gun, because of what we the film was pereozvuchivat, but it
height, depth and width gave the artists the opportunity to build the station “Salyut-7″
in full size. More to say, most of the details that all seen in
the film, flew into space. There also were built the mission control Center. All under
one roof. Anticipating heavy load, I wrote in the rider that we
was massage therapist. I few times his services have been used, Vladimir Vdovichenkov – no
once. Heavier
all were hanging upside down. When the station was vertical, we could
to remove only the General plan and the average, because at the approach of the camera to the face
it was evident that the blood rushes to the head. During the night, the station was placed on the edge, and we
filmed close-UPS. It was quite difficult, but we were prepared. Before
shots we hung on these balconies. I have trained myself to do exercises daily,
stand on the balcony with a dumbbell. Frequent trips to the room. So you don’t every day
find time for yourself, and when the contract is written – is another matter”.

work on the project Derevyanko and Vladimir Vdovichenkov decided to devote in
astronauts. The day almost ended in embarrassment for the actors. “Our valiant
the producers did us a dedication to the astronauts. On the Zhukovsky airfield is
such an attraction: the IL-76 takes off to a height of 10 thousand kilometers and dives —
Paul says. — Provides a sharp arc, and 27 seconds of free fall,
zero gravity you have. And so 10 times. We passed some instructions for us
wearing the suits, there was still space tourists, and we took off. At first
swordplay legs and ass went up, and everything was uncomfortable – strange
feeling. The guys say: “Relax, we now you run along
the plane”. I relaxed, and true swordplay they raised me and
like a feather launched. And I remember that feeling, I’m flying, everything is removed, all
parted. Landed and then I felt bad. I said, “Guys, where’s my
individual package?” They strapped me in the chair, through the circle came
Volodya. Pale, green, sweaty, too, with this package. And, in General, we sit in
these chairs and just die. Fly, whirl, have fun, and we just
die. When we finally arrived on land, our instructor said, “And it
here they will fly into space?”