Depeche Mode отдадут свой Facebook-аккаунт поклонникам

Have you dreamed ever one day become an admin of the page of your favorite music group? If you’re a fan of Depeche Mode now you have the opportunity. Before the leader legendarnogo British band David Gahan has announced that during the year they will give an opportunity for the most devoted fans maintain their page in Facebook.

24 Feb every fan of the group applying for a special website and received its approval, will be able one day to fill the page of your favorite band. Musicians wishing to offer share to their Facebook account with stories related to Depeche Mode, photos, and everything else that their fans deem worthy to publish. A year will last this action, and that means 364 will become a little happier thanks to their idols.

Note that this action is unprecedented. Previously, no one did nothing of the sort.

Recall, February 2, the band premiered a new single from the new album Spirit.