Депардье и Ришар покажут красоты российских регионов в совместном фильме

Beautiful Duo who first appeared before our eyes in the Comedy “Dad” many years ago returned.

French actors Gerard Depardieu and Pierre Richard are once again ready to work together. This time on the film by French Director Tom Mine, “Brother of convenience”.

The shooting will be conducted in Mordovia, however, their goal in the film, the Director sees the display of Russian regions, “something more than Moscow and Saint Petersburg, which are shown in many foreign films.”

“We show the beauty of Russian regions. For this reason negotiations with the leadership of Mordovia, which were very warmly welcomed our idea, — said the producer. — Finally, come true the dream of Gerard, who has long wanted to come, but for various reasons couldn’t do. Gerard always says Mordovia, which left a deep trace in his soul.

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